Dog Rescue Around Washington

...where all breeds are treated as equals.


Violet has been an animal lover all of her life. Having come from a family that never quite understood her love, imagine her joy at finding a way to help animals as an adult. Violet spent her first 12 years in rescue volunteering for a small group whose members have all since retired from rescue. She is ever grateful to her mentors (Janice, Carol and Lois) for introducing her to something that has become her life's passion. Nearly two decades of doing rescue later, she has never looked back nor regretted her decision to get involved.

Aside from rescue, Violet is a wife, Mother and Grandmother. She works as a care provider for developmentally disabled adults and seniors. Employed by the state for the last 15 years. Violet's love for animals goes beyond dogs, she is also the proud Mom of several birds, fish and even a couple of cats.



Karla grew up with dogs. Always loved dogs. So ultimately becoming involved in rescue was not a surprise to anyone. Karla began working with DRAW early on by pitching in helping with a dog DRAW boarded for his owner who had been seriously injured in a car accident and was unable to care for him for a couple of months. Little did she know, her weekend adventures would result in transporting dogs and then fostering dogs and she is now a full time foster Mom for some of DRAWs more challenging dogs as well as a challenging pack of her own. She is also part of DRAWs even staff, assisting with running our booth at events all summer long.

Aside from doing rescue, Karla works full time, is a Mother and even finds time for a relationship. (we love him too!)


Julia has been an avid dog lover her entire life. She has been active in UKC shows, weight pull, obedience training and pretty much anything dog related for many years. In 1998, Julia was involved in a serious car accident that nearly took her life. The injuries and ensuing recovery left her needing a service dog to regain any independence. It made perfect sense for that service dog to be a pit bull.

Julia pictured with Koda below

Julia is active in working against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and is a huge breed advocate. Adding working hands on in rescue was just the next step. And began with the adoption of Sadie (RIP) who went from stray to service dog in Julia's hands in just a few short months.

Aside from doing rescue work and the rest of her dog related hobbies, Julia works as a legal secretary, is a Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  





Kendra has joined DRAW and made herself right at home being our resident dog trainer, photographer and foster home when she can. Kendra has five dogs (four pictured with her below) and also works full time in a busy retail pet supply store. She is an avid dog lover who has taken her passion and turned it into something wonderfully useful. She has done her best to be as involved in rescue as possible despite challenging health issues.


Angie started off as a DRAW adopter a few years ago (See Iggy under the success stories) and her adoption was a huge eye opening experience. Passion meets becoming aware of the plight of so many homeless pets added up to a very proactive reaction. Since then, Angie has become an enormous advocate for pit bulls and a relentless DRAW volunteer. Between being a business owner, planning her wedding and tirelessly working for the dogs, Angie has become an enormous assett to DRAW. We thought we were lucky when they adopted from us. NOW, we KNOW we were lucky.


Ashley has been a dog lover her whole life and jumped at the opportunity to help DRAW when it arose. She has been involved ever since. Though in recent years she has had to do less fostering, she is still a big advocate for DRAW and never fails to help where she can. Including crossposting our available dogs, other urgent dogs, and rallying assistance as we need it.

Aside from taking care of dogs, Ashley is married, has three children and works full time. She is one busy lady!