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Sir Nigel Tuftnel

Nigel is a charming older gentleman who somehow found himself in the shelter. And we never could figure out why or what happened to his people. But he sure wormed his way into our hearts, and into one of our foster homes. Due to his age and some minro health issues, we thought Nigel would be with us for awhile. but one lucky adopter saw right through all that to the wonderful boy he is.

Nigel was successfully adopted by a wonderful family and even has a couple of canine siblings. Nothing makes us happier than giving a special old man like Nigel their happily ever after!!


"Nigel is doing well.  The first night he slept on the big round dog bed under the dining room table.  He was asleep there when I went to bed, I didn't want to wake him up.  He was still there when I got up the next  morning.  Monday night he slept on the small round dog bed in Jasmin's room.  Last night he slept in the basket in our room after I got Steinbeck out of it.  S made a dash for it to keep Nigel out, I'm sure of it.  Nigel kept coming in and walking around.  I could tell he wanted to get in the basket.  Finally I put Nigel on our bed.  That was enough to get S out of the basket.  Nigel got right off the bed and got in the basket.
Yesterday afternoon I found Nigel twice in the big round bed,  Once curled up next to Jeremiah and the second time curled up next to Steinbeck.  That has got to be a first.  No one ever shares beds around here, except for ours.
Monday night I took Nigel with Angel and I to a birthday party with some girlfriends.  There were five other dogs present besides mine.  Nigel was the hit of the party.  Lisa wanted to take him home, (she only adopts old dogs).  I told her she could babysit sometime.
Yesterday, I took everyone to Marymoor.  He does seem to enjoy the car.  Nigel was on the flexi the whole time.  I was quite surprised that he trotted the whole time and actually even ran (for him) for a bit.  He has only mossier in the yard, like you said he did at your place.
Sunday evening Nigel ate his whole dinner.  Every meal since then he has left three or four bites.  I hadn't thought I was feeding him too much, it's such a small amount.
I think Nigel's hearing is a bit better than you had thought.  Today while Les is working in the dining room and making all kinds of racket, Nigel has adjourned to the bedroom.  When I call his name, his ears perk up.  Granted that may be because my voice is higher pitched or that I talk louder to him."

introducing Newman! AND his sister

And I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about me.

I don't remember much from my puppy days but I remember from when I met Mom. I was about five months old, August of 2007, Some people found me in a bad part of town running around. I can't remember how I got there. but they picked me up and took me to a big place called the shelter. And they called me Buddy. I was there for a few days and I heard someone say something about me being a "pit bull" and that I was going to go to sleep. Well...the people who found me called Mom. And thats when I first met Mom. She came and got me. :)) I only spent a couple days with her and she took me to a vet to be neutered, get my shots and get my microchip. Then I went to live with the people who found me. I was with them for a little while and I got lost and was picked up by some guys in a big truck. They took me back to the shelter. Well..since Mom had me microchipped they called her. And she came and got me. Again. The people I got lost from wanted me back so Mom took me to them. Not long after that I went to live with someone else. Then I got lost again. This time a nice lady found me and had my chip scanned. And they called my Mom. And she came and got me. She called the people who first found me and they gave her the number of my NEWEST home. Those people were very happy I was found and Mom took me to them. Not much long after that I got lost again. I went back to the shelter place again. And they called Mom. And she came and got me! (We would like to add for anyone who wonders why we returned Newman to these original people, when we FIRST bailed Newman out of doggy jail, it was with the understanding that he was not our dog and we were not taking responsibility for him. But we guess we did anyways.)

This time Mom didn't call anyone else. She just brought me home to be her foster dog. And she gave me my new name which is Newman.  I lived with mom awhile and she thought she found me the perfect home.  I went to live with this nice family who had a little boy that was my best friend. I lived with them for about two months and they called Mom and said they couldnt keep me. So, I came back to moms. Mom thought she found me a perfect home again in. But a month later those people joined the ARMY and Air Force and brought me back to Mom yet again. So there I was.

But just about when things seemed hopeless..the PERFECT family finally came along. And I finally have my happily ever after! Here is what they had to say about me!

"Hello Carina, well it's hard to believe that it has been a month! Newman has really settled in, my wife and he have really bonded, working in the yard and spending the day together while I am at work. He is really a super sweet little boy! Absolutely NO ISSUES, what so ever, no potty in the house, no digging, no furniture chewing, NOTHING! He has been such a treat and a surprise, I have to admit I was expecting something to happen, but he has been the most perfect gentleman, I absolutely love him!! He is such a child, he is an absolute bundle of energy in the morning, takes his nap, goes some more, then hits the wall about 9:30 and he down for the count until about 7:00a. I can not believe how lucky we are that he was just "hanging out" waiting for someone to give him a chance, he is an exceptional little boy. Thank YOU again, for all that you did for him! "
And thank YOU to the Wells Family for giving our wonderful young man a chance!!
Newmans DRAW story did not end here. As we try with our adopters, we kept in touch. And almost a year later to the date, Newman gained a sister. ALSO a DRAW dog. NOW their family is complete. DRAW could not be happier!

Super Trooper!

Trooper was another stray brought into the emergency clinic by animal contol. He had been found lying in a pool of blood in someones yard. No idea where he came from or how he sustained his injuries, but they appeared to be intentionally inflicted with something along the lines of a machete. When he was brought in, animal control asked for assistance in bringing him in. He had a horrible injury to his right, elbow that was down through the bone. But to everyone's surprize, Trooper jumped out of the truck and came into the clinic under his own power. Wagging his tail and licking hands as he passed. This was amazing in and of itself..but then once he was laying down we realized he had another serious injury. He had a laceration that ran from between his front legs nearly to his groin. A very DEEP laceration. And yet he did not complain. Because Trooper was a stray, he was stableized and then ent to the Humane Society. But when he went unclaimed at the end of his stray hold and the only option was euthinazia because of his injuries, we were quick to bail him out. And we have never regretted it.


Trooper had to have surgery immediately and then went through many weeks of wearing a cast. But he never ceased to amaze us with his indomitable spirit and good nature. We even dubbed him an honorary pit bull for taking all of it so well.

Trooper eventually was well enough to be adopted and lucked out to find a wonderful couple who loved him at LEAST as much as we did. Now Trooper will never suffer again!


For more pictures of Troopers life with DRAW you can see his video montage HERE!


Cowboy came to an emergency vet clinic as a stray. He was emaciated and horribly beat up. He looked like an entire pack of dogs had just been allowed to chew on him. The worst of his injuries was a large laceration on the inside of one of his rear legs that had become necrotic and infected because it had been left uncared for for at least a week and a half to two weeks. But it did not dampen Cowboys spirits. Nor did it lesson his love for humans. And THOSE two things won him a place in foster care instead of a slot on a euthinazia list at a shelter.

In foster care, Cowboy was discovered to be an incredibly sweet, well behaved and well trained dog. At SOME time, Cowboy MUST have known love and had an owner who cared for him. But that owner has never come forward. Cowboy knows many commands and knew them before he came to us. Cowboy finally was healed enough to find a home! But as we waited, and waited...for what felt like forever for Cowboy it didn't come. Until finally, when things were getting a little desperate, and Cowboy was QUITE tired of being a foster dog, the perfect family finally arrived!!!

Congrats, Cowboy!! You ONLY deserve the best!!!!




See Cowboys video montage that shows from beginning to end. Just click HERE

Little Orphan Fannie is an Orphan no more!

Fannie was a darling girl who sat awaiting a known owner, in an overcrowded shelter, who never came. He had used her to make puppies then cast her aside like yesterdays garbage. But the shelter saw an outstanding and sweet girl in Fannie. So they began their campaign to get her safely into rescue. As luck would have it, we had a bit of room, so into rescue she came.

Fannie impressed us immediately with amazingly good behavior, many commands already under her belt, and a sweet gentle nature that won over everyone she met.

Fannie was fortunate enough to find a fan in a family seeking a new family member. I do believe it as love at first sight. She had gone on to join them in her own happily ever after with a big brother ( a wonderful, older great dane) and loving dog parents.

Way to go, Fannie!!! 

Fannie was adopted from us several years ago but just recently her owner called us just to say thank you. But really..the thanks goes to them for giving our girl the life she deserves!


We LOVE you Iggy!!

Sometimes we get to meet phenominal dogs. ALL of our dogs are fantastic..but some..are phenominal.

Sometimes you get to meet phenominal dog families. ALL of our families are fabulous, but some, are phenominal.

Then on those EXTRA rare get to combine the two. And that is what has happened for our Iggy.

Iggy came from an Oregon shelter where his rather non descript appearance kept him from getting noticed in a sea of non descript dogs. (Mind you..we are talking looks, not personality..PLEASE ADOPT A SHELTER PET!!) Well, Iggy stood out to shelter staff and they began pleading his case trying to get someone to make room. Lucky for us, we decided to do so. And he immediately charmed us beyond belief. What an incredibly wonderful dog he is.

It wasn't long before we got interest in him. (Funny isn't it? after he sat for weeks at the shelter and was nearly euthinized?) An incredibly devoted young couple was in love before they even met him in person. We knew in our first conversation that they were the ones. And with a flurry of emails and phone calls, they proved themselves further and further. Before long, they were able to have Iggy join them in the beginning of their journey to Happily ever after. A phenominal dog, and his phenominal owners.

Thank you SO very much for joining the DRAW family!

Updated pics of Iggy have arrived!!!





The Neville Saga

Freedom Flight

As many people know a bill was recently passed in Ontario Canada banning the American Pit Bull Terrier. The day the bill passed the cry went out to help save the dogs in shelters who will all be doomed in short order. I was fortunate enough to belong to a message board ( when the cry went out and offered to take an Ontario dog.Thank you to Holly at the Georgina shelter in Ontario (where Nev came from). When BULLIES IN NEED contacted Holly and let her know that we found a wonderful place for Nev to go, she jumped on board and agreed to keep hiding Nev when he went past his due date to be PTS. Also a person in Seattle heard about one that SHE wanted to adopt. So..two people in particular(thank you Jamie from Puyallup, WA and Laurel from Rolling Rescue )quickly began to try to put together a ground transport to bring the two dogs the 2500 miles from Ontario to Seattle, Washington USA. Despite the best efforts of many people the trip was just NOT coming together. Nitro and Neville were waiting in shelters as the clocks ticked on their lives and the volunteers were running out of time. It was becoming truly were two dogs..with places to go, scheduled to die simply for being Pit Bulls in a place where they were banned. It was getting to the point where I think some people were close to giving up. This was when one wonderful person stepped forward and offered to pay for the dogs to FLY to Washington. This still involved the work of MANY volunteers. We had Bullies-in-Need in Ontario praying and crying desperately from their end. One person(thank you Amy Watts )in Ontario fostered Nev overnight and then drove him from Toronto to Michigan. Where he was then boarded, at no cost, for a week at Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, MI. They also had both dogs neutered at their cost while they were there. Then another volunteer picked the boys up and transported them to the Detroit airport. Finally it all paid off and the boys landed safely in Seattle on March 20, 2005.

Life In America

Nitro started his new life with his new owner and Neville settled in as a foster dog in search of the perfect family. When Nev arrived I really knew next to nothing about him. All I knew is what he looked like and that he loved people. I had been told he was thin but upon arrival it was quickly apparent that more than thin..he was very conditioned and athletic. Much to my surprize and delight..he was also well trained. Neville was just full of surprizes. He was unreactive to other dogs, ignored my cats, loved my kids and was just a joy to have around.We discovered a dog that was extremely well behaved and had wonderful manners. No matter what I thought of he was completely unflappable. I even took him to a parade where he made a ton of new friends and never ceased to astound me. After I posted a few brags about him on a few forums several people suggested I contact Diane Jessup as she was looking for dogs to try out for the Washington State Patrol to be trained as bomb sniffing dogs. I thought it was highly unlikely but what the heck..I emailed Diane anyways.

Now Nevilles Story gets REALLY Exciting!!

Much to my surprize I heard back from Diane rather quickly. She belongs to the same board as I so she had seen Nev's story and was willing to come and test him out. It took some time to get our schedules to work together but at last, we managed and she came to my house to meet Nev. I fully expected to hear "what a nice dog, thanks for trying" and I am pretty sure she expected to say something along those lines. That did not happen. She liked Nev immediately and within a short time, before she even left my house, she was on the phone with her contact from the State Patrol, scheduling a time to meet. I don't want to speak for her..but I could swear she was excited about him. Things moved really fast from there..a few days later Diane and I went to meet with the State Patrol Officer. Again I was preparing myself for a no. I mean..this was just TOO good to be true..or was it? No, turns out it was NOT too good to be true. The officer was VERY pleased with Nev and was trying to contact his superior to get Nev into the K-9 academy immediately. Unfortunately he was not able to reach him. We were fairly sure they would want him but we had to wait yet again. So Diane took Nev home with her and we were stuck waiting again. The next day the call came..Nev was in. But he had to pass ONE MORE TEST. After one more incredibly long 24 hour wait..word came at last. Nev had passed with flying colors and soon his training will begin. From banned dog to cop in training. What a difference 2500 miles and a month can make in one very special dog's life.


Saydee, previously known as Kitten

In May of 2006, one of our volunteers became aware of a stray pit bull in her neighborhood. Because that isn't a terribly rare thing, She tried to just hope the dog would find her way back home and that her owners wanted her. A few days later she spotted the dog dodging traffic on a busy four lane road. That was it..she stopped and picked her up. And our rescue was blessed with a beautiful dog we named Kitten..because she had the sweetest disposition ever. Kitten settled contentedly into foster care and quickly proved herself to be intelligent, eager to please, and just plain wonderful. She rapidly learned her basic commands with little or no effort on her foster Moms part. And her foster Mom posted brags around the internet about her dear little foster dog.

Well, one of those message boards had a member who had a working service dog for seizure alert and other problems that required assistance. She spotted Kittens pictures and was instantly in love. She tried hard to resist the temptation, but call it fate..Kitten was apparently meant to be hers.

Since the time she was adopted in late June of 2006, Kitten first became Saydee, earned her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) graduated obedience, and as of January 13, 2007, she was an official Service Dog.

Sadly..only a year later, Saydee suffered from a brain anyeurism and had to be put to sleep. She has been greatly missed ever since.


Poor Clifford was a Hurricane Katrina victim. That is a pretty bad thing to have happen..but then, after being "rescued" by Pasado Safe Haven, he went from the frying pan into the fire. Pasado sent Clifford and many other dogs to a "rescue" without checking them out..and the dogs landed in dire conditions. They then sat for the next 9 days with no food, water, shelter, or a chance to get out of their crates. Pictures can be seen here. This is our boy, Clifford!

Thanks to the heroic efforts of some amazing people, the dogs were rescued from this situation and brought back to Washington State. One of the DRAW volunteers was the assistant director at Pasado at the time but ended up leaving over this HORRIBLE situation..and when she did, she took Clifford with her. In her loving care, Clifford was treated for heartworm and did well. He also gained back most of the weight he had lost during his time on his own after Katrina and EDNAH.

After that Clifford settled in for the long wait for a home and a family of his own. In the mean time he never failed to make us smile. What a joy he was to have around. It never occured to us that Clifford would be waiting so long. Clifford ended up being with us from December '05 until October '06. But it was SO worth the wait. Clifford's family finally found him. And they are perfect. He has two little girls who adore him and a Mom who spends her days napping with him and taking him everywhere with her.

Clifford..we love ya, buddy. You are one of the most lovably sweet dogs we have ever had the pleasure of calling a DRAW dog.