Dog Rescue Around Washington

...where all breeds are treated as equals.

Special Thanks!!!

To those who have helped us raise funds for our costs..we want to thank you! Without your help, we could not continue to do what we do.


Please visit these following wonderful businesses for high quality items for your dogs and help them CONTINUE to support rescue. Collarmania's collars can be seen on many of our dogs

HUGE thank yous to Mud Bay for all of their support!

HUGE thank you to Dawn, Ashley and Kendra for our amazing adoption photos!

Very Special thanks to our group sponsor, Charlie H!

Special thanks to Ali V for sponsoring!

Special Thanks to Debbie R!

Special thanks to Red for your help!

Special Thanks to Purple for helping!

Special Thanks to Marion!

Special Thanks to Robert!

Special thanks to Ashley!

Special thanks to Karla!

Special thanks to Julia!

Special Thanks to Laura K!

Special Thanks to Angela for going above and beyond in so many ways!

Special Thanks to Judy and Bill!

Special thanks to Missy P!!

Special thanks to Julie K for helping with JUST ONE BAG!!

Special thanks to Raelene for helping with JUST ONE BAG!!(plus more!)

Special thanks Diane L for helping with JUST ONE BAG!!

Special thanks Karleen B. for helping with JUST ONE BAG!!

HUGE shout out for Christine C. for sponsoring Kisses in our fight to get her well.

HUGE shout out to Tina for sponsoring Kisses and helping us with her supplies.