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With the saddest of hearts, we support our volunteer, right hand man, and worlds most amazing foster Momma after the loss of her boy, long term foster, Jericho. Jericho came to DRAW with horrible demons. Rescued from a life that was unthinkable, unimaginable. Stuck in a wood box (literally) just big enough to turn around, filled with his own waste for years. On a property with 60 other dogs, many who shared similar lives. Jericho was freed from that life but never from his demons. Hiss only happy and relaxed moments were spent nestled against his therapy human who loved him unconditionally. Don't misunderstand, Jericho had a very good life. Quite often in spite of himself. When his anxiety got the better of him, his home would often pay the price through years of destructive behavior. Confinement was always a major issue for him, fear of children, things with wheels, tall young men, and being left alone. But he loved with everything he had. In spite of everything, Jericho knew love, and freedom, and now at last he knows total peace. He never technically found his *forever* home but his life came to an end with the people he loved most. RIP Crazy red will be eternally missed.

Saying a sad Good Bye to a beautiful girl

Late one night in February of 2006, DRAW received a frantic phone call. A dog was in labor and her owner was drowning her puppies as they were being born. Without a thought, we headed straight out to get her. In the middle of the night, handed off to strangers, in labor, scared, 4 living puppies already with her, Hailey met us with a sweet wag of her tail. And she hopped right into her waiting transport to safety.

Picture253-1.jpg picture by violetcarinaPicture252-1.jpg picture by violetcarina

Hailey gave birth to a total of 12 pups. 10 survived and she proved to be an amazing Mom. And raised wonderful, well rounded babies until it was time to move to her forever home. Which is where Jennifer came in. Jennifer finished nursing Hailey back to health and continued to provide her with the best life a dog could ever ask for for the next four years. Sadly, Jennifer lost sweet Hailey to an ongoing spinal issue that had left her in pain and unable to walk.

We cannot thank Jennifer enough for the years she dedicated to our girl. And here are not words enough to express how very sorry we are for her loss.

To Hailey, play hard at the bridge, sweet girl. You left our lives the same way you came into it...wagging your tail and being just the sweetest dog any dog could ever be.

Jennifer, we share your grief and truly cannot tell you how much we appreciate all your did for our girl.

Picture500.jpg picture by violetcarina

A Fond Farewell to a Giant Little Dog

December 1st, 2009, Keto finally gave up a valiant battle with heart failure. Our little warrior. The little jerk. The best and worst dog I have ever known. Keto knew many, tolerated some and loved few. But if you were one of those few, you could not help but feel honored. You could not buy his love. You could not force his love. If he gave it to was a gift. He outlived everyones expectations with heart failure. And I have to admit..I thought he would make another rebound. Even when he completely stopped eating. But it was not to little man was finally done. The fight was gone. He was ready to rest. He will be horribly missed.


RIP King Keto Frito Bandito

This is not Good Bye

I refuse to believe you are not somewhere awaiting a joyful reunion. This is a difficult memorial to write as Chica was a special dog to me, my family, and my best friend. Chica came along as a stray quite a few years ago. She was a non descript, average sized dog with nothing about her that particularly stood out. But her addition to her household had a calming effect on everyone. Chica was content to be the dog in the background. She quietly awaited her turn to be top dog. And there she was waiting through the loss of her dog sister, Leila, in 2004, and again when Bruno passed a little over two years ago. It was finally her turn to be the top dog. She handled her position like she did everything in life, with a sweet understanding and a paw in your lap to say "It's ok, I am still here, and I love you!" Word that come to mind to describe Chica are friend, companion, sister, and old soul. Your eyes, those lipid pools of understanding spoke volumes. You understood, and you cared.

Steph and Dom, I know you guys suffered a huge loss. probably bigger than any of us expected. It was too soon, too sudden, and so very unfair. But I have no doubt that Chica has taken up her position at Bruno's side, keeping him out of trouble once again. ( I wonder how many times he broke out from the bridge prior to her arrival there?) Know that we love you and truly understand what this loss has meant.

Chica...for a dog that to many, never would have been much, you were everything to many. And you are sorely missed. You will always be a number one dog in my book. No matter what Bruno and Leila tell you. Be well, little sister. We WILL all meet again.




Until we meet again

It is with great sadness we write these words. Dear little Tina came to us from Clackamas shelter in Oregon in April. She was just the sweetest little thing. She settled easily in with her foster Mom, Jenni, and became quite a little shadow. She was impossible to resist. Well, Tina had a few people interested, and then we got two, absolutely perfect applicants at once. It ended up boiling down to first come first serve. Judi was horribly disappointed when we told her the other home had adopted Tina. But that was not to be Tina's destiny. And she was returned almost immediately. When we sent a message to Judi telling her the news and asking if she was still interested, we got a single word in reply.


So without further ado, Tina joined Bill and Judi. We knew Tina had an enlarged heart but there was no reason to think she would not have quite some time to be with her wonderful owners. Sadly, an angel was needed at the bridge far too soon. And Tina went to fly with the angels.

To Judi and Bill we extend our deepest sympathys. Tina was a very special little girl and we know Judi loved her with all of her heart. That adorable tiny little girl left a really big hole in all of our hearts.


RIP Tremor

We at DRAW wish to extend our deepest heartfelt sympathy to our dear friend, Charlie, for the loss of her beloved Tremor. He was taken far too soon from her life and living large as he did, has left a very large pair of shoes to fill.

Run free, Dear Tremor. I know our friends who have passed before you are there at the bridge guiding your way!


RIP Stay Voyager



Our Deepest sympathies to Star's human family.

Liberty Belle


Farewell old friend


I almost didn't stop for her...but she was darting in and out of traffic and I knew her luck would run I stopped. And I took her home. I knew she was special immediately. She was SO incredibly sweet. She wanted nothing more than to please. I was not the only one who was immediately enamored of her either. My good friend, Julia, fell in love at first sight. At the time, her service dog was having many issues and it appeared she needed to be retired. And when the meeting and greeting all went well..we were hopeful. Saydee mastered level I and II obedience, tricks class, got her CGC and was certified as a service dog. All in just 7 short months. We were and are so proud of her accomplishments. Such a fabulous girl.

Sadly, our joy over her accomplishments were very short lived. Saydee suffered a brain anyeurism and had to be put to sleep on  May 24 2007. Almost one year to the day from her original rescue.

I don't think we have ever been as heartbroken as we were over this dog.
Rest well and run free, beautiful. We love you!



Fondest of Farewells to Sir Diddymus

Sir Diddymus had somehow ended up in a county shelter 15 months ago in Oregon. When he remained unclaimed, with his age and health issues, his adoption potential was really nil and he was scheduled to be euthinized. No old gentleman like him should be kept waiting, sad and alone in a shelter. it just wasn't fair. As luck would have it, one of our foster homes became available and she had a bit of a soft spot for schnauzers. So Sir Diddymus made it out of the shelter after all and into a loving foster home in December of 2005. We really never expected Diddy to find a forever home. His health issues were pretty serious. He had surgery once to remove some really bad tumours. He had kidney issues and a heart problem. But such sparkle in his personality. He was certainly never a bother.

Amazingly, a wonderful woman from eastern Washington contacted us about Diddy about six months after he was rescued from the shelter. I think we all knew from the first email that Diddy was to be hers. And we were all proven correct.

Sadly, we were contacted to let us know that last week, around the 16th of February, 2007, Diddy went into kidney failure and had to be put to sleep.

Diddy shared his final months with Betsy. And we owe her a debt of gratitude for giving him such a wonderful ending to his life story. Adopters like her are very special. Thank you SO very much, Betsy, for giving Diddy that special time with you.

RIP Sir Diddymus. You are forever in our hearts.