Dog Rescue Around Washington

...where all breeds are treated as equals.

Application and adoption process.

A completed application is required prior to meeting our dogs as they reside in private foster homes. A home check is ALSO required prior to adoption. We do not have a shelter and all services are volunteer provided with our own time and funds.

Our adoption fee's vary depending on the dog and adoption requirements. Minimum is $50 and maximum is $350. Adoption fee includes vaccinations, spay or neuter, microchip, deworming and flea treatment as well as all vetting. A general breakdown is puppies are $200 to $350, adult dogs are $100 to $250, senior dogs are $50 to $100.

Dogs whom adopters are required to enroll in immediate obedience classes or dogs who will have chronic veterinary needs are often greatly discounted. We will also give you a referral to a trainer who will also give you a discount. Shown below are some of our *Long timers*. Our special needs dogs that have been wiht us for a long time and have a possibility of never finding a forever home due to their specific needs. These dogs would LOVE to have sponsors!

You can download an application by clicking on the link below Application.rtf

And when completed, the application can be emailed to