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Michael, Truffles and I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas.  As we round into our 6th month with Truffles, I thought you'd enjoy a little status update (reprintable for the website, if you'd like). 

When Truffles joined our family in June 2010, she was shy and quiet.  Having spent several months between being homeless, a shelter dog, and a foster dog, we weren't surprised that she spent most of her time watching us trying to figure out the answer to the question "what next?"  Since then, she's really come out of her shell - she loves to be a dog "about town" - whether it is going for walks, or meeting people and other dogs.  She's attended Good Dog 101 to reinforce some basic commands and we're hoping to continue working on the training in the upcoming year as we work towards Canine Good Citizen. 

At first, she wasn't sure about going for rides in the car, but she's become a real princess - so much so that at times she'd rather go for a ride than a walk.  She loves hanging with her people - whether that's going for long rides as we run errands (all the while, watching out the windshield from the backseat), following us all around the house, or enjoying snuggle time.  She's quite the snuggler - so much so that her nickname is Bug... as in Snuggle-Bug.  If she's not up on the couch snuggling with us, she's usually moaning pitifully to encourage us to let her up on the couch (and it's really hard to resist her sad-dog face!).  

She has several doggie friends that come to visit her, including a Yorkie, a Chihuhua, and a Pomeranian mix.  She really enjoys her outings to our local pet stores (including the Bellevue All the Best where her Labrador friend, Bella, works) where she's spoiled rotten by all the people that dote on her. 

Truffles enjoys playing - especially with Michael.  She has a few favorite stuffed squeaky toys that she likes to have tossed for her to go fetch.  When she brings them back, she'll either play her version of keep-away or, if we're not paying attention and she wants it thrown again, is quite happy to put it in your lap and leave it there so that it's clearly obvious to us that we should play some more. 

Our most recent adventure was to the Humane Society to participate in Santa Paws - the pet pictures with Santa.  When we walked into the entrance, there was a collective "awwww" from all of the volunteers, at which point, Truffles tail wagging went into overdrive and she proceeded to make great friends with everyone.  Our favorite picture of her with Santa is attached.  My tactical error was to be standing to the photographers left - which is precisely where she's looking instead of at the camera. 

Truffles is the perfect name for her - as you said, she's sweet as candy and she oinks like a pig searching for truffles.  At the time of writing, she's curled into a doggie ball at my feet quietly snoring away dreaming about whatever it is that doggies dream.  It seems like every day one of comments to the other how lucky we are to have this sweet, quirky dog in our lives.  In the short time we've had her, we've shared big adventures and are looking forward to more to come in the future. 

Anne-Marie & Michael & Truffles

Newmans New Life *adopted June 09*

"Hello Carina, well it's hard to believe that it has been a month! Newman has really settled in, my wife and he have really bonded, working in the yard and spending the day together while I am at work. He is really a super sweet little boy! Absolutely NO ISSUES, what so ever, no potty in the house, no digging, no furniture chewing, NOTHING! He has been such a treat and a surprise, I have to admit I was expecting something to happen, but he has been the most perfect gentleman, I absolutely love him!! He is such a child, he is an absolute bundle of energy in the morning, takes his nap, goes some more, then hits the wall about 9:30 and he down for the count until about 7:00a. I can not believe how lucky we are that he was just "hanging out" waiting for someone to give him a chance, he is an exceptional little boy. Thank YOU again, for all that you did for him!
 Thanks again, and I will continue to give you Newman "updates" as we go along. Thanks again. Brian"
And adopted May 2010, Newman now has a sister!

Why should you adopt your dog?

 Hi, we are Angie and Eric and we adopted a dog named Iggy from DRAW in November of 2007.  This is why...
We had bought our very first home together and we wanted to adopt a couple of kitties to warm it up.  It's a big 1958 rambler w/ all hard wood floors and vaulted ceilings.  We saw the home and said "Hmmm...some pets would really warm this place up".   So we began our search on to find our wonderful new furry babies. 
About the time we were beginning to pack and start the transition from condo to house, we noticed that we were losing a connection.  We started fighting more, we started spending less time together and all in all, we nearly hit wits end w/ our relationship, questioning whether or not we would make it.  We were still in love, but anyone who has bought a home w/ a mate knows, it's stressful. 
One night, as we both sit on the couch, him working, me searching for those kitties, I came across an ad for a "Genuine Heezamut".  I grew curious and had to know what that was.  When I opened the ad, OMG did I fall in love.  The face that graced the page was that of the most handsome, adorable dog I think I had ever seen.  It was there I knew I had found Iggy for a reason.  When I squealed louder than a 5 yr. old little girl, Eric wanted to know what all the commotion was about so I showed him.  Well, it only took about 30 seconds for me to read Iggy's story to Eric and beg him to let me adopt him.  He caved (pretty sure he fell in love just as fast as I did) 
NOW...most of you will adopt a dog and say what I used to say..."We rescued him and gave him his forever home".  You're wrong..yes, you gave them a forever home, BUT...truth be told, your adopted dog will show so much gratitude and love that it will be more like them rescuing you than anything else.  Because of Iggy, Eric and I were together more whether that be at home or at parks or long walks.  Whatever the adventure, we were a family.   Eric and I are closer and stronger than ever and Iggy is just like our son.  My friends say some would think I actually gave birth to him as close as we all are.   Iggy saved our relationship.
The thing about adoption is most people usually want a puppy or a pure breed dog, they don't consider the 1, 2 or ever 5 year old dog that is sitting alone in a kennel somewhere waiting for someone to love him/her.  These dogs are usually the best mannered, the most adoring and believe it or not (I know) actually show gratitude.  Most of them have been thru hell yet live as if nothing bad has ever happened to them. As a child, I suffered a lot of abandonment and the issue still affects me today, I believe that because Iggy was abandoned, that is where we get our connection, we understand each other.   
He shows his love and affection every day and knows that we will never leave him.  Iggy's story was a heartbreaking one, what he had gone through was sad and wrong until DRAW found him and prepared him for his new home. 
We, to this day, have absolutely NO regrets on our decision to adopt Iggy.  We believe whole heartedly that this dog is the reason that I am happy today, that Eric is successful today and he is the reason we are a family.  Iggy, you saved us Ruppy Head and we love you so much.  THANK YOU, D.R.A.W., FOR LETTING IGGY COME INTO OUR LIVES!
Angie and Eric and Iggy

And thank YOU Angie and Eric for sharing your story!



Titus originally came from Clackamas Dog Services in Oregon. They day of his transport he arrived in Washington and promptly escaped a 6 foot fence and disappeared. It took 3 months to find him!! His adopters adopted him not long after we refound him And have been the most amazingly wonderful family ever.

Hi Carina,

We're coming up on our fist anniversary with Titus and he has settled
in nicely and become one of the family. He is over most of his
shyness and is happy to have company at the house or meet people on
the street. He is well behaved and very affectionate. He has
mastered several commands beyond the basics and enjoys shaking hands -
which he will do without a command if you are holding a treat that he
wants. He also seems to understand quite a few words and we
occasionally find ourselves spelling things when he is nearby;
especially c-a-r. He still loves to go for rides and we take him just
about everywhere with us.

He is a very healthy 90 pounds and holding. He will be going to the
vet this week to have his teeth cleaned, everything else to do with
his health is very good. We now have a fully fenced back yard but he
has never tried to run away in any case. He always stays close enough
to keep one of us in sight even at the big off-leash dog park at Ft.
Steilacoom. He gets very excited when he sees that he has arrived at
the dog park and really seems to enjoy himself while he's there. He
gets along with the other dogs very well but takes very little
interest in most of them; he just wants to explore and sniff everything.

Lately he has become a good watchdog, too. His booming bark would
scare off any sane burglar. When someone knocks he charges to the
door and barks his head off. He's catching on to the command "enough"
and sits down (and fidgets) to let people come in. I think he's going
to do well at this in no time.

Most interestingly, perhaps, we had his DNA done. The certificate is
attached below. We thought you might be interested to see the
result. We're pretty sure they got it right because he has a
distinctive trait in that he has two toenails on each of his rear
dewclaws. Only a few related breeds have this characteristic,

We looked up his principle breed on the web and it sure explains a lot
of his behavior, everything from the couch potato to the watchdog.

Keep up the good work at DRAW, you'll make a lot of people - and dogs
- happy. We always tell people about you when they stop to admire

Jon & Jennifer